Saturday, February 16, 2013

Body dragging then a nice easterly at Mentone

Session 225. I picked up a new Mystic Majestic harness from The Zu Boardsports today.  Stuart has checked out the latest harnesses and thinks this is one is the best.  We will post more information about the harnesses when we try it out.

A south easterly sprang up but St Kilda is not the best place for that wind direction so I drove up to Sandridge Beach.  The beach was quite busy and the wind was under 10 knots so I headed down to Mentone.

I met Stu Styles at the beach. The wind was a bit over 10 knots so Stu setup his kite and headed out for his first body dragging session.  We waded out to chest deep then Stu flew the kite to body drag back in.  He did very well.  Good kite control and some nice power dives.

The wind picked up a bit and another guy showed up with a Crossbow 13 and a Sector 60. He headed out and was going upwind fast. I got my Lithium 12 and headed out on the surfboard.  I did some nice runs out towards Ricketts Point and back.

There was enough wind to get going well and the water was fairly flat and very warm.  The mussel farms spread out quite a way. There were quite a few black floats near a yellow buoy but they were hard to spot.  Caution is indicated in this area.

I did a few jumps and was enjoying the new harness.  Great back support and a good fit.  I am not sure were to best attach the safety leash though.

There is a nice cafe van in the car park at the top with a great selection of snacks.  It is worth a visit if you are passing by.

When I came in to land my kite I met Alexey Tsoy on the beach. He had come down for a kitesurfing session but the wind dropped when he arrived.  We first made contact on Google+ so it was nice to have a chat.

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Stuart Tarzan Man said...

Safety attaches at the front just above the knife. Very convenient.