Sunday, July 28, 2013

Kitesurfing tour Rosebud to Blairgowrie tour

Session 237.  We headed down to Rosebud in the morning to find the forecast northerly blowing nicely.  It wasn't strong wind so I rigged up my Lithium 12 and took out the surfboard.  Nice, really nice!  Well powered, nice and warm in my 4/3 Ripcurl wetsuit, booties and gloves. There were some small waves to have fun in.  I kept a wary eye on the shallow sandbars close to shore though.

After about 30 minutes I decided a downwinder was on.  I couldn't convince the others to come so I headed off alone into the unknown.  No phone or money, I would see if if I could cadge a lift back from Sorrento.

It was really good fun following the bay surf break along the sandbar towards Rye; there were some nice waves to be had.  Along the way I spotted a big man boosting high on a surboard - yes, it was Franz.  I sad hello and continued on.

There were quite a few windsurfers fanging about just before Rye pier.  I did a run in there to check it out.  There were some deeper channels there that suit the bigger fins of their boards.

I then got on a tack past Rye Pier and kept going, and going.  I could see the Sorrento ferry berthed and aimed at it, working to stay upwind.  It was a nice long tack.  Eventually I came up to Blairgowrie, not quite able to make it around to Sorrento.  Then the wind dropped.  I abandoned my plans to call in at Sorrento Yacht Club and turned back.

I considered going into the beach next to Blairgowrie but the wind was holding up.  I lined up Rye pier in the distance and headed back on another long and enjoyable tack.  I got past the pier then the wind dropped.  I cruised back into where the windsurfers were based (Daly Ave) and packed down my kite.

After chatting to a few of the windsurfers, Kurt kindly offered me a lift back to Rosebud. I got changed and had lunch with them in a local cafe.

The tour was great.  Its nice to have an adventure.  However, I think I will take to always carrying a small phone and some cash in a waterproof case for when such situations arise again.

I realised a week later that I had left my kitebag with a pump in it on the beach at Rosebud.  I drove down to have a look the following Sunday and put some signs up there and at the more popular kiting location.  Then I visited the Rosebud police station and got a pleasant surprise - a nice local had found it and handed it in.  I rang and thanked him for his considerations.

TIP:  Put your name and mobile number on ALL year gear and bags; pump, kitebags, harness, kites, boards.  That way if it ever gets found you can be contacted.


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