Monday, December 30, 2013

Nice early evening kitesurfing session at St Kilda with a tour over to Hobsons Bay

Session 274.  A nice sea breeze came in late in the afternoon at St Kilda. Stuart and I headed down and found it surprisingly quiet. The boats in the marina now come right past the sand spit so the "kiddies pool" is quite hard to get to now.

Once on the water we took off for a tour over to Hobsons Bay.  The Spirit of Tasmania was turning to enter its channel when we scooted across. We nearly made it to Webb Dock but the wind was a bit lighter over there so we came straight back, with the Spirit of Tasmania now departed and some distance down the bay.

Riding strapless seems to require more leg effort to control the board, there is no "lazy option".  I did notice I was leaning back more on my natural (left) tack compared to my goofy (right) tack, so I made an effort to relax my legs a bit on the right tack and use my body weight more.

The wind was consistent but not strong. I had plenty of power on my Lithium 12.  Downloop turns were the go on the swells to keep some board speed up.

I tried one duck tack and nearly looped the kite.

We did quite a few runs closer to St Kilda West before coming in.  A nice session - back to where I started from and challenging in its own way.

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