Sunday, March 23, 2014

Kitesurfing Mentone, cruising on the Sector 60

Session 284.  I was at Lara and Ash's lovely wedding in the Yarra Valley on Saturday and we returned to Melbourne on Sunday.  I was keen to get in a session so I headed to Mentone in the late afternoon.  

There was some good wind when I arrived and few guys just finishing kitesurfing.  The wind dropped as I a set up and got down to the beach. I couldn't really get going on the surfboard my Lithium 12 so I swapped to the Sector 60 board.  What a difference!  I was instantly going upwind fast.  

I did some long runs up to Parkdale and back to Mentone.  It was nice to be out cruising when nobody else was on the water.  I even caught some air launching of the waves as ramps.

There was a full distance iron man triathlon in progress with runners streaming along the foreshore, most of them were not running very fast after the considerable distance they had already swum, cycled and ran.

The wind dropped a little further so I called it a day, very happy to be on the water again.


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