Saturday, April 05, 2014

Kitesurfing nice easterly at Mentone on the Sector 60

Session 286. Got down to Mentone at about 4:30 with the forecast east/south easterly blowing at about 15 knots.  I took out my Lithium 12 and Sector 60 anticipating the wind to be a bit flukey.

I was well powered and moving fast.  There was less wind closer to shore but plenty of wind further out.

I was getting some nice small jumps off waves on the way out.  The Sector 60 is a lot of board to have dangling under your feet while in the air, but landing jumps off waves at speed is not too difficult and great fun.

I did a few runs out close to the yellow buoy marking the aquaculture area.  I did a run past it, but there were blue bags suspended just below the water so I turned around and headed back in.  Give this area a wide berth.

Stuart W was going well on a surfboard and twin tip.

Stu S came down as we were packing up and did some good runs out and back.

There was only 2 other kiters and a couple of kites visible in the distance at Ricketts Point.

The wind was a bit flukey, but you can easily ride out lulls on the Sector 60 board.  This time of year, any session is a good one!


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