Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Kitesurfing Port Melbourne after work

Session 291. Kitesurfing session after work at Port Melbourne.  Very spiky wind during the day moderated later in the afternoon.  Stuart, James, Tarren all travelled to Port Melbourne for a nice session close to the Spirit of Tasmania.  My Lithium 9 was mostly well powered, especially further out where the wind was stronger and less gusty.  

I kited out a fair distance then came back on the swells.  Garmin have stuffed up both the older ANT agent and the new Garmin Connect software so I can no longer upload my session logs from the 310XT GPS.  I am not impressed with this level of software incompetence. Everybody seems to be sharing this problem.

Passed three kayakers out for a paddle (was that you Duncan G?) and heap of sea birds feeding close to the surface.  I was out for about an hour and very satisfied with the session.  Closing in on #300!

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