Sunday, October 19, 2014

Kitesurfing Rosebud in fickle then good wind

Session 290. A northerly was blowing ahead of an afternoon wind change so Stuat, Tarren and I headed to Rosebud.  The wind was light when we arrived in the morning so I setup my Lithium Zero and got on the water.

The kite was flying nicely, but staying upwind was again difficult.  Heading out from the beach was good, but the run back in seemed to have lighter wind.  Off shore the wind dropped off too.  I did a couple of runs and walked back along the beach.

Tarren had a go of the Zero while I had a rest.  Then the wind picked up. It was hard to shed power with the Zero. If the kite flies high it tends to pull you off your edge.  I came into shore and landed it, then took out my Lithium 12 which had plently of power (and depower!).

Stuart took the Lithium 12 out for some runs too.  Tarren and I had lunch at the Tasting Station Cafe.

I drove back past Mentone after a nap (tired!) and the southerly change was coming in hard.  Nice bay surf there but I didn't go out again.


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