Saturday, November 01, 2014

Kitesurfing Inverloch inlet upwind to surf

Session 292.  We arrived at Inverloch on Saturday morning for an extended family (and kitesurfing) holiday over the Melbourne Cup weekend.  Some kiters were already out on the water.  Stuart and I headed to the inlet after we had got everyone settled in the house. It was blowing hard - the wind was around 25+ knots - so I took out my Crossbow 7m as did Stuart.

We tacked upwind, negotiating some amazingly choppy water with waves going in all directions out in the entrance to Andersons Inlet.  I walked on the sand spit to get past the worst of it.  The wind was stronger past the inlet mouth at around 30 knots with some massive gusts coming through up to 40 knots!  I fully depowered the 7m kite and still got overpowered a few times.

We were the only ones out in the tempest.

There were some nice waves but I didn't make it right out the back.  A nasty looking squall was coming so we headed back to the Angling club kitebeach in the inlet.  Just after I landed my kite a really strong squall with hail came through. I was glad I was off the water.


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