Sunday, April 26, 2015

Aspendale delivers great winter wind kitesurfing

Session 333.  Stuart, Eric, James and I met at Aspendale at 7 a.m with some good wind blowing and squalls on the way.  It had backed off a bit so I headed out on my Lithium 12, but I was overpowered when the stronger gusts came through so I swapped it for my 9 which was much nicer in the waves.

I have just re-mounted the rear screw of my rear footstrap on the nugget after the screw was turn out when the board was towed recently.  I visited OKE surfboards for advice - they said to plug the old hole with 5 minute araldite and use the next hole for the screw.  

I also wore by Ocean Rodeo drysuit with the bunny suit under it.  It was nice when I got going but got quite hot and sweaty as the session progressed.  Dunking into the water doesn't really cool you off in a drysuit and it wasn't really that cold.

The waves were good and the wind quite punchy, it was just great to be on the water and in the air occasionally.  No tricks today, just enjoying the wild weather. 


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