Saturday, April 11, 2015

Kitesurfing again at Hampton with a self rescue

Session 331.  Back on the water the day after we returned from Europe, I missed kitesurfing!  The wind was light, around 15 knots, so I took out the Flite 14.5. Once again it did not disappoint.

I did several backrolls, most combined with a backloop, and landed a couple elegantly.  Getting enough rotation is tricky and handling the pull of the loop is too.

I was very happy to be on the water soaking up some sun to help me re-adjust to Eastern Standard Time (sunshine stimulates melatonin production which can help with jetlag)

I was doing some downwind slalom turns as Stuart approached. On my last turn our kite nearly tangled so  I dropped mine on the water. Unfortunately a bridle looped over a wing tip so I could not relaunch it.  I released the safety to try and get it to untangle, but this only resulted in my lines getting tangled close to the bar.

Another kiter flipped the snagged bridle over as I reset the bar, but the tangle meant I couldn't really fly the kite. I eventually got it launched and was able to control it with only one line and body drag back to shore at Middle Brighton.

Close to the shore I turned the kite around and attempted to land it but it kept flying. I released the safety and still it kept flying and pulling me horizontal to the shore, so I released it completely.

I swam in and grabbed the kite as it blew into the shore.  The other kiter towed by board in which was much appreaciated. I wasn't looking forward to searching for it.

All's well that ends well!

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