Friday, April 03, 2015

Great day skiing at the Grand Montet and Argentiere

After a week of bad weather in Chamonix we finally got a good day. My daughter Chloe graduated from the French Ski School at the Flocon (Snowflake) level today. I caught the bus to Argentiere around noon and headed up to Lognan.  There was a long queue for the Grant Montets telepherique so I caught the gondola to Bochard and did a thigh burning run down,

The new AT skis and boots are great.  Some fresh snow at the top, firm icy sections in the middle and wet snow towards the bottom.

I waited in the line for the Grand Montet lift and chatted with Jean and Stan from Alsace,

The cloud descended as we waited for our ride.  Once on the lift, a cheer from everyone packed into the lift went up when we burst through the cloud back into the sunshine!  Jean, Stand and their group skied the normal route down.  I ducked under the rope and headed for the direct route that other skiers were on.

Great snow and a great view!  I dropped over the headwall past a crevasse and got some great powder turns in,  Veering left I even got some fresh snow.  This is Chamonix skiing at its best.

Then I descended in into the cloud with poor visibility.  I teamed up with four Norwegians as we skied down then back onto the Bouchard piste run and below the cloud.

I spent the rest of the day skiing with our Swiss friends who had arrived today and come up to Argentiere for a great afternoon skiing.  Needless to say, they were all excellent skiers.

Back in Chamonix we headed out to dinner at La Boccolatte and had a magnificent Raclette.  I don't think I have ever eaten so much cheese!

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