Sunday, April 19, 2015

Chilly and challenging kitesurfing at Mentone

Session 332.  Heavy rainfall and strong gusts swept through overnight and Sunday morning.  I headed down to Mentone arriving at about 3pm.   The wind had just backed off from around 30 knots to about 10!  Several small kites (6 to 8m) were on the beach and kiters were packing up and leaving.

Mr Styles showed up after a while and we pondered on whether more wind would come.  I went back to the car to rest and wait.  Mr Webb then showed up at about the time another squall was heading up the bay.  We decided to go out with smaller kites as the wind at South Channel was around 28 knots and likely to come through.

We started well powered and had some runs enjoying the bay surf.  The wind dropped out then came back with a vengeance at over 25 knots with some east in it.  I did a couple of massive jumps where my initial boost was doubled by a strong gust.  Quite exhilarating and soft landings!

The air temperature was around 10C and the water was cool so I appreciated my Ripcurl 4/3 wetsuit. Next time I will wear my booties too.

We kited for about an hour until the wind backed off again.   A really good but challenging session.

Winter is here.

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