Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Hampton sea breeze - first ride on the Double Agent

Session 345.  Scored a nice sea breeze after work at Hampton for my first ride on my new Cabrinha Double Agent board.  I used the board without the hydro foil to get test it out and get familiar with it before I attempt "foiling".

The skinny board gets up and going very easily - its like a twin tip on steroids.  It goes upwind well with the four fins providing good tracking.  The front bobs around on the chop more than my Nugget but its easy to manage.

I only had the front straps fitted and felt that I didn't need the rear one.  My rear foot was placed well back on the board.

It carves a good turn, but again, not as nicely as the Nugget.  I missed a few gybe turns until I got used to the lower flotation.  Keeping the board speed up with more power in the kite stops it bogging into the water during turns.  Once I got the hang of that it provided a nice stable platform for stepping around during gybes.

The Double Agent surfed and carved the swells well too; more power in the kite helped there too.

Overall, its a fun board to use in the bay swell and chop without the foil, but I think it wouldn't be well suited for bigger surf.

Next step is to try it with the foil.  I can't wait.


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