Tuesday, December 01, 2015

Gusty and gale force winds can make kitesurfing dangerous

It seems obvious doesn't it?  A forecast of gusty and gale force winds indicates you should very carefully consider whether to kitesurfing or not.

Check out this wind graph for Wednesday 25th November.  The forecast was for gale force winds. Some kitesurfers were at Brighton when one of the massive gusts came in, one with a large kite up close to shore.  They were very lucky to avoid a serious injury.  The maximum gust was 54 knots!

On Monday 30 November you might have been tempted to go out with a small kite around 4 p.m. but look at the 40 knot gust the ripped through after 7 p.m!

Today it was gusty again but manageable with a small kite (e.g. 7 metres)

Be careful, check forecasts carefully, and if in doubt don't go out!

This article has more advice on this topic: Kitesurfing storm fronts (Kitesurfing Handbook)

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