Sunday, December 27, 2015

Kitesurfing Beaumaris in a late afternoon sea breeze

Session 352.  A late afternoon sea breeze at Beaumaris that seemed stronger than it really was.  Not keen to try the foil board with all the reefs about so I used my Nugget.

On the first run out I was chasing Grant on his windsurfer who in turn was chasing Stu S who then turned so Grant and I took evasive action, but all ended well.

My Lithium 12 had good power but doesn't like to go upwind as well at my 9.   I did a back roll and a few jumps, but after a few runs out and back the wind dropped so I came in. Stu W had disappeared off downwind - I packed up, drove down Beach Road and picked him up walking back.

Nice sunny conditions but I might have been better of with the Flite 14.5 on this occasion.

Back roll

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