Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Kitesurfing strong easterly at Mentone, over powered at times

Session 356.   A strong easterly came in mid afternoon, we headed to Mentone.  With my Lithium 9 out of action it was a toss up between my Lithium 12 or Crossbow 7. The wind was lighter on the beach so I took out the 12 and was overpowered most of the time.

It was very easy to get big air and good speed. The wind swung around to full east so there was a lull close to shore.  Heaps of wind further out. I was rigged on the bottom knots and fully de-powered but still on the limit at times.  I was missing my 9m kite which needs a repair and new bladder.

Some windsurfers were having a great time.  I raced them a couple of times but the swell was not conducive to full speed for me.

Tarren, and the two Stus had a good time too.

Fast turns

Good speed

Racing polies

Big jump


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