Saturday, September 17, 2016

Kitesurfing a northerly at Brighton - summer is coming!

Session 385. An unexpected northerly sprang up mid morning so Stuart and I headed to Brighton.  This time it was coming past the beach at over 20 knots, hooray!  I took out my Union 8 and was well powered.

I did some massive jumps - high enough to wonder what I was doing up there.

The water stays quite flat close to shore in a northerly - I think I might have a go on the foil board in these conditions as its so easy to get of the beach with no waves to contend with.

I did a few long runs out in the warm sun. You can see the Westgate Bridge on the horizon in some photos.

Graham was there initially on his Nugget, then on his foil board with a foil kite disappearing of into the distance.

The wind dropped a bit towards the end of the session.  It was fine without booties this time - the water is warmer already, and brownish from the Yarra floodwater from recent heavy rains.

Summer is coming!


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