Saturday, September 03, 2016

Dawn patrol at Hampton, first kitesurfing spring kitesurfing session

Session 383. Dawn patrol kitesurfing session at Hampton. It was the third day of spring but the water is still chilly.  I forgot my booties so me session was not a long one!  Stuart and James were on the water just before me and scratching for wind. I was wondering if I should get my Flite 14.5 but I decided to stick with the Union 10.

Once out the breeze was stronger and quite good.  I did some nice jumps following a long tack out past Green Point.  I was remembering the very first time I "got up and going" in this exact location.  I tacked backed to Sandringham Marina and cruised along the swell rolling past the breakwater.

I did some nice slalom turns then more tacks with more jumps - all of them were good.  The wind dropped off so I came in with my feet feeling rather cold so it was a good time for me to stop.

James and Stuart kept at it and were up and going when the wind picked up again.  I saw Stu Style's kite briefly when I headed for a Hampton cafe for a lovely bacon and egg muffin and coffee, and to catch some Pokemon . . .

I found out later that Stuart S had copped a hard whack from his board and come in.  He was OK but a bit stunned.  Its a good idea to use a helmet when on a surfboard, I think Stu is now considering getting one.  The new NP helmet I have is very light and comfortable.

On the way home I visited SHQ then The Zu Boardsports to check out a SUP.  Paul recommended a Starboard Wide Point 9.5 which I bought, more on that later.


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