Saturday, September 24, 2016

Kitesurfing at Brighton, warm and almost crowded

Session 386.  Warmer weather is here and the bay water is already warming up.  There was a crowd of kiters at Brighton when I arrived - it looked like Kite Republic had one of their "kitesurfing visits" happening.

I said hello to Graeme Simpson, who was practicing gybe turns on his Nugget rather than on his customary Spotz foil board.

Peter Sexton was on the beach for a session too.

The wind was strong so I used the Union 8m kite and had a ball.  Some very big jumps and lots of power and speed.

There were a few people out on foil boards that were having a good time too.

Chatting to Graeme afterwards, he recommends a Spotz foil board as they are easier to use and more efficient in the water.  Food for thought. . .

I was very happy to get this session in.


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