Saturday, March 02, 2024

Fliteboard Sunnyside with two buddies, tried the Nano battery #23

I linked up with two fellow Fliteboarders - Dean (travelling, from Port Macquarie) and Ross.

It was great to have some company. We chose Sunnyside Beach looking for some shelter from the wind.

After a brief chat we got on the water and cranked out some turns.

I did a tour up to Mornington jetty and back which was very scenic. 

I then borrowed a Nano battery from Dean to try out in my Pro board. The Nano weighs 6.2kg compared to my Flitecell Explore at 14.5kg - it's less than half the weight.

What a difference it makes! The lighter weight makes it much easier to getup on the foil and the board was a lot more responsive. It took some getting use to. It felt like a different board.

I am considering getting a Nano but they are expensive.

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