Saturday, April 03, 2010

A personal speed record at Altona in the late afternoon

Session 85, Saturday 3 April 2010

Kite: Switchblade 14m
Location: Altona
Wind: 15-20 knots SE
Duration: 6:01 to 7:21 pm - 1h 20 minutes

GPS data
  • Max speed 47.0 km/h
  • Trip odom 28.6 kim
  • Time 1:16
  • Average speed 22.3 km/h
The forecast SE was building up late in the afternoon so Stuart and I headed to Altona.  We arrived at about 5:30 with lots of kites on the water, but the wind was a bit light on so many were struggling to stay upwind.

I stuffed up the shallow water start (more practice required) then did a long run up along the beach and back.  The flat water is nice, but I find it difficult to go upwind when travelling at speed.  On the return leg I came into shore gradually and eventually had to stop and walk out again.

Then I was able to kite right up into the mouth of Laverton Creek, turn and return.  Quite a few other kiters about but they all knew what they were doing so there were no major mishaps.

Then the wind picked up about 5 knots and it was on.  I did some really fast runs back into the flat water - and clocked my fastest ever speed of 47.0 km/h.  With the tide in the sandbars were all covered, so the flat water was great.

A couple of tacks through the surf were nice too.  I was able to get upwind enough to return the beach where we started.  With the wind pumping I headed out a short way and did my highest ever jump, which was quite a buzz.  The landing was good too.   After a few more jumps it was time to pack it in.  

Weary but very satisfied.

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Boris T said...

Congrats on the speed personal speed record.