Sunday, March 25, 2012

Epic kitesurfing day at Inverloch - speed course on flat water, session 2

Session 176 - 24 March 2012

We headed to the inlet later in the afternoon.  A 10 knot breeze was blowing and one kiter was struggling to stay up wind on a 14m kite and twin tip board.  I got the Sector 60 out and rigged my Noise 12m kite.

I was able to cruise upwind with ease across to a sand bank, then head down wind following it to flatter water where I could crank the speed up.  Coming back, I was able to do a fast leg past the sandbar, very wary of hitting the bottom with the 24cm fins, then crank back upwind to get back to the Angling Club.  

I ended up overpowered!  The Sector 60 board turns what would be an ordinary session in light wind into an exhilarating one.  By the end of the session I was wall and truly stuffed though.

The tendons on the back of my right wrist were sore and legs, torso and arms were all fatigued. 

This is the biggest and physically hardest day kiting I have ever done and was immensely satisfying.

We all had a nice pub meal and got to bed for a good rest.

Session Details
Distance:10.75 km
Max Speed:42.7 km/h

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