Friday, March 16, 2012

Ruben Lenten visits The Zu Boardsports

I headed down to The ZU Boardsports this afternoon to meet Ruben Lenten who is in Melbourne at present. It was great to meet Ruben.  Ruben is a "super hero" kitesurfer - the master of the Mega Loop - and is a really nice guy.

It was a stormy afternoon with a few short downpours of rain.

Unfortunately I had to leave at 4pm with no wind to be seen.  It came in at 5:30 however, so those there got to have a kite with Ruben.  Maybe next time . . .

Ruben Lenten chatting with friends

Tim Nanninga (Hookworm) with Ruben

Nice mover on the dodgy trampoline

Tim shows how to do a handlepass

Beers with Ruben

Ivan and Paul with Ruben

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