Sunday, March 18, 2012

Great kitesurfing session at Mentone late in the afternoon

Session 174 - 18 March 2012
Watching Baywinds all day for the forecast south-easterly to come in.  Late in the day, after prayers to the wind gods Aeolus, Amun, Eurus and the Venti, they delivered! 

We had a fantastic session in light but consistent wind of around 15 knots.  I was well powered with my Noise 12 on the Sector 60.  I made 8 of 10 right jibes so I am definitely improving. I only made 1 left jibe though, and got pulled forwards over my toes several times - more practice required there.

So far, I haven't attempted a pre-jibe turn.  Ivan says these work better as you can power through the turn quicker once you feet are set.  I have written this article in the handbook on jibe turns for directional boards.

Here are some shots from the Contour ROAM surfboard mount.  I tightened the thumbscrew with pliers this time, so the mount stayed rigid.  I forgot to click on the safety catch though, so it came off after a high speed stack and was dangling by the leash.  I noticed some water inside the case too, so I took it in and stashed it in my bag.

Here is a sequence of a gibe:

Just before the gibe

Initiating turn, rear foot out


Finishing the carve turn onto toe-side

Bringing rear foot forward

Old rear foot becomes new front foot, left foot back in front of rear foot strap

Cranking in new direction, both feet in foot straps

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