Saturday, November 24, 2012

Nice kitesurfing session at Inverloch surf beach

Session 196 Saturday 24 November 2012

The first day of our "blokes kitesurfing weekend".

We had a nice morning surfing at Inverloch. Stuart borrowed my mini-mal surfboard while I took out my waveski (goat boat). I got some nice long rides on good sized waves near the Anderson Inlet mouth.

A stronger westerly came in around noon.  I launched my kite and got a quick reminder why kiting in offshore wind is not a good idea.  The kite fell right out of the sky when the wind abruptly cut out - it was far too gusty coming off the land.

After lunch we headed back to the main surf beach and waited for the wind.  It was very calm with only a gentle 6-8 knot breeze blowing.  We had a go of Franz's 6m land kite and land board.  The kite has good power but it turns quite slow.  It was hard to get going on a tack on the landboard too.  

The wind forecast for 6 pm didn't let us down.  About 17 knots came in at 5:45. We had a great session in the small surf. I was enjoying my S-Quad surfboard, especially now I can reliably gybe it.  James was able to cope with the small surf as he learns to go upwind.  

Franz, Stuart, Tarren and I were all enjoying the consistent wind, small surf and clear water.   All five of us were having a ball.  

We were keen to do a downwinder to the Sailing Club but the wind konked out after about an hour.

Stuart S & Grant were not so lucky.  The waited at the Sailing Club with their windsurfers for the wind to funnel down the inlet, but it didn't get above 10 knots. Stu did a short run across and back but couldn't get planing.


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