Sunday, November 04, 2012

Late afternoon kitesurfing at Inverloch

Session 194.

After a fine sunny and calm day it looked like there would be no kitesurfing. However, later in the afternoon a light breeze arrived so Stuart and I headed to the inlet.

I pumped up my new Airush Lithium 12 and got it flying. I was immediately impressed by how well it flew in around 10 knots. It turned fast without a hint of back stall and was generating good power. It looks and feels more like a 10m kite and is surprisingly compact. 

I was able to hold ground on the Sector 60 and get some good speed!  Stuart had a go and was ripping too. One other kiter had a go on his twin tip but ended up downwind.

The wind picked up a bit and I was really hooting, and able to gybe in both directions on the run across the channel. It was too shallow upwind as the main channel for the inlet has now shifted to the east shore, so I stayed in front of the sailing club. We kited until sunset, very happy to sneak in this unexpected session.

A learner ditched his kite just as we finished and was drifting towards the pier so we swam out and helped him to shore.

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