Sunday, November 18, 2012

Sweet kitesurfing session at Hampton, summer is coming

Session 195

A first touch of summer at Hampton beach this afternoon. Sunny, warm water and a smooth sea breeze.  It was great conditions for my new Airush Lithium 12 and my surfboard. I had enough power to go upwind and the kite handled really well under the conditions.  I still can't get over how smooth the bar is.  I flew with it well sheeted most of the time.  It is great to have a kite that performs well in light winds.

I also tried out the backpack mount I made for the Contour ROAM camera for the first time.  I found the aluminium riser bars were clunking into the back of my helmet occasionally so I will add some rubber padding to them.  It also flips forward a bit so I might try a waist belt to stabilise it further.

The mounting bracket rotated and eventually came loose and slipped off the top and down the side.  The velcro straps used for securing don't hold it firm enough, so I might have to add use some duct tape when I fit it again.  Otherwise, it worked OK.

I made most of my gybe turns on the surfboard so I am feeling quite good about that.  Stuart had a go on his old surfboard, strapless. He got up and going but said he found the water start tricky. I am still using my footstraps, although I am thinking of taking them off again.

It wasn't too crowded. There was only about 10 other kiters out.

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