Sunday, November 25, 2012

Kitesurfing Frankston on my Sector 60 with a couple of poleys

Session 197
There was only 10 knots of wind at Inverloch in the morning so we had a relaxed breakfast while we checked out detailed wind forecasts with Predictwind.  It looked like we might get some wind at Frankston so we stopped there on the way home.

We were in luck!  There was a nice 20 knots blowing side onshore.  We got on the water with haste and had a ball.  There was enough swell to slow me down on my Sector 60 raceboard a bit.  I tried a few jumps off the swell and got a bit of air, but the board is big and heavy.

I got up close to Stu and Grant on their windsurfers to get some helmetcam footage you can view in the video below.  They certainly get up some good speed and the large boards cut through the swell nicely.

Tarren had a go on the Sector 60 and took off upwind while I used his twin tip and tried some bigger boosts.  Twin tips have  a whole different feel, and seem now to be a bit limiting.

Back on the Sector 60 I did some fast downwind reaches which were a lot of fun.

The wind lasted about 2 hours then stopped, which was perfect for our session.  Predictwind really delivered the goods for us again.

Once again, we had to location with its lovely clean water to ourselves.  It was a fun session with the mix of kites, boards and windsurfers.




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