Friday, December 20, 2013

Kitesurfing Mentone in light wind trying duck tacks

Session 270. Stu and I got down to Mentone after work. The strong winds had dropped off by the time we get there. I headed out for on my Lithium 12 and Flexwire Firewire (strapless).

I like riding strapless, it feels more natural and it feels you are in closer contact with the board and water with freedom to move around.

There was just enough wind to stay upwind so I was cruised out and back into the small surf.  I got some nice rides on the big rollers further out too.

Tried some more duck tacks.  I can rotate around the lines but still lose contact with the board and end up downwind.  The wind dropped further so I walked out into the waves and tried the rotation a few times to practice.

GPS log

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