Sunday, March 22, 2015

Inlet kitesurfing speed session with the Flite and Sector 60

Session 330.  Our last session for the weekend was a good one.  The forecast wind came in at 5p.m at around 15 knots.  I had a great session on the Flite 14.5 and the Sector 60.  There was enough water to cover the sandbars so I could go fast and not worry about the long fins hitting the sand.

I did some nice jumps, hauling the considerable bulk of the Sector 60 out of the water.  The kite was easy to handle in 15+ knots, I depowered it a bit too.  With the Sector I could bear off down wind to get some deeper water then cut back upwind to get back.  No back rolls though . . .

Overall, a great weekend again.  Inverloch really is a great location for kitesurfing.  Having a range of kite sizes helps too.


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