Sunday, October 02, 2016

Kitesurfing Frankston in 30 knot northerly - short but sweet

Session 387. A strong northerly blew all day. Stuart and James scored a good session at Rosebud around midday but I couldn't make it.  I headed to Frankston later in the afternoon with the northerly still strong.

I pumped up my Union 8 in 30 knots taking care to secure the kite with sand before self launching. Great power on the run out over some big bay swell with the kite depowered followed by nice surfing back downwind close to the beach.

The second run out and back was just as good then the wind dropped so I came in.  A local kiter recovering from an injury landed my kite which was nice as it takes the stress out of self landing so close to the wire fence.

I finished with a big smile on my dial.

The Water Police said on ABC radio news the next morning that there were six rescues in the strong (gale force) winds during the day including a sea kayaker at Mt Eliza, a windsurfer at Brighton and two people in a dingy.  What a day to be out!

Be careful and stay safe in storm conditions folks.

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