Sunday, October 16, 2016

Kitesurfing ripping 35+ knot northerly at Seaford

Session 389.  The storm force northerly blew all night and was still going in the morning so James, Stu S, Stu W, Tarren and I met at Seaford for a cracking session with winds 35+ knots.

We weren't disappointed, the wind was howling!  I pumped up my Union 8 and lent Tarren my Crossbow 7.  I used the second knot on the outer line attachments to get more depower and was glad that I did - the kite was fully depowered for most of this session.  The Union kites have a great depower range and perform well in strong conditions - there are no surprises.

Strong winds means big waves so the surfing was good too, a big boosts were too easy and sometimes scary.

Overall a very solid session.  Great fun, but always watching out for another big gust!

GPS log

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