Saturday, November 19, 2016

Kitesurfing my first sea breeze at Ricketts Point

Session 393.  A nice sea breeze came in mid afternoon. I met the two Stus and Grant (on his windsurfer) at Ricketts.  The breeze was light - around 15 knots - so I flew my Flite 14.5.

My new North Nugget is identical to the one I lost at Point Lonsdale, I was lucky to get one from Kite Republic.

There were heaps of fishing boats about 800m out. I kept an eye out as I passed a few keeping a safe distance.  The Flite and the Nugget provided plenty of speed and power, enough even for some jumps.

A couple of guys came past going fast upwind on foil boards.

The water is warmer and it was quite sunny. Its starting to feel like summer.  

It was nice to have mellow session free from gusty and gale force winds.


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