Saturday, February 18, 2017

Deep powder on our first day skiing at Rusutsu

Japan ski trip 2017 day 9. Fresh snow overnight and cold temperature in the morning augured well.  I went back to the hotel to get my reading glasses (sh*t!) while Dave and Lou headed for the slopes with powder fever.

I caught the lift across then up and skied along a traverse to get some fresh tracks. I jumped down the hill and bingo!  Fresh snow up to my neck!  Its an amazing feeling turning with the snow billowing around your shoulders.  This was a deep pocket of fresh snow.  It was cold, I wore almost every layer of clothing I had.

After a few runs it was tracked out so I headed further across and met Boyd and Steve from NZ who were skiing some nice runs with fresh snow through trees. I spent the rest of the day skiing with them enjoying the excellent snow.

There was so much frantic skiing I didn't take any photos, but I will add some video when I edit it.

This was the powder snow that Rusutsu and Hokkaido are famous for, we weren't disappointed.

Dave, Lou and I had dinner at the Lamp House restaurant in the Travelodge  - another all-you-can-eat lamb and chicken do it yourself grill - which hit the spot.

The next day was a beauty too . . .

Boyd, Dave and Steve

GPS log

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