Friday, February 17, 2017

Rest day in Rusutsu

Japan ski trip 2017 day 8. The weather was closed in, visibility very poor and it wasn't very cold and there was some rain so we had a rest day.  We walked over the Secomart and 711 to get some provisions. You can buy hot food there and coffee but you are not allowed to eat in the store so we ate outside then and had a look around the Rusutsu Resort.

Its a massive place with a games parlour (including Wackamole), a talking tree, a merry go round and four animated bears "playing" Disneyland songs all day.

The town is over 1km down the road so there is not much else to do, but the free WiFi at the Rusustu Resort was handy for catching up on emails and calling home with Whatsapp.

Dave and I had dinner again at Yochan, pre-ordering the all-you-can-eat Mongolian Mutton, which was a great dish.

Fingers crossed for some fresh snow now.

Our first room

Dave kicking back

Lou resting his back

In the room, sorting gear

Ski quiver L-R - Dave's lightweight BC, Dave's resort board, Peters AT ski,
Lou's ski #1, Lou's resort ski, Lou's ski #2

Pension Skybe

Looking towards Rusutsu Resort

A mini Toyota Prado - we don't see these in Australia

Yochan restaurant - a great feed

X Trail

Westin Hotel

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