Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Cranking upwind at Inverloch to the surf

Session 109, 2 November 2010 

Kite: Switchblade 14
Wind: 20 - 25 knots, SW
Location: Inverloch - Andersons Inlet
Time: 1:30 to 3pm

Some good wind arrived around noon after a morning of showers and squalls.  Stuart and I drove to Andersons Inlet and launched in marginal wind, but it soon picked up when we were on the water.  

I did several fast flat water runs right across the inlet behind, getting heaps of speed on the flat water behind the sand bar right.

Looking to Inverloch
I then headed upwind, eventually working my way up to the point we passed on the downwinder two days ago. The outgoing tide still covered a lot of the sandbars but there was plenty of shallow water to negotiate in places.

Then I was out in the surf.  The blue water behind the waves was certainly different from the protected water of the inlet, and the waves were not huge.

On my third run out through the surf one of the screws securing my left footpad came loose, which was a bit alarming a long way from home.  I turned the pad around to tighten the remaining screw and headed back. It was time to return in any case.

I was getting a lot of speed on the downwind runs, keeping a wary eye out for shallow water.  I tried alternating to toe side riding, which really whipped me round the turns, but going to far results is a stalled kite at the edge of the wind window.  Memo to self: practice more downwind runs and wake-style slalom runs.

Tired but satisfied, we packed up and headed back for lunch.

There were a lot of other kiters out today enjoying the fantastic conditions.  I took some photos from the shore of the crowded channel at low water.   There were some beginners about too, so if you kite at Inverloch make sure you keep out of their way.

Passing Stuart

Flat water near the sandbar

In the surf

Going downwind

Screaming back downwind


Patrik said...

Nice flat wather!

Unknown said...

Really glad I couldn't get out what with all the rain and the terrible conditions... NOT! Looks like it was a perfect end to the kiting trip. My ankle should have healed up just in time for me to be back on the board for next years trip. Already starting to get excited ;)