Tuesday, November 23, 2010

My new Benwilsonsurf Noise 12m kite unboxed

I have just taken delivery of my new Benwilsonsurf Noise 12m kite.  The kite is a pre-release version for the thousand odd people who subscribed to Ben Wilson's Test Team.

The first thing that impressed me was the simplicity of the bar.  All controls are below it.

The kite is designed for stability so that you can "park it" and ride the surf.  Dano See, the lead designer, has also achieved more power than similar sized kites, and optimised it for unhooked riding.

The kite design characteristics are:

  • fast turning with smooth consistent power delivery.
  • a great wave kite that also performs in all other disciplines.
  • smooth and consistent pull in all phases of the wind window.
  • consistency , hooked or unhooked.

Here are some first pictures.  Stay tuned for my reports on using it.

The nice clean bar

 The full monty
These kites will be available commercially online in early December 2010.

You can download the full spec here (PDF)


Gabe said...

That bar really is quite simple! Although I am not a fan below the bar power/depower, its quite small and unobtrusive....interesting.

Boris T said...

Let me know how it actually performs, very interested in the function of the bar on water.

Anonymous said...

nonstethe depower on the fly does not work, so i rigged it with a depower strap shortened the chicken line and works great.