Saturday, November 20, 2010

St Kilda to Williamstown crossing

Session 111, 20 November 2010 

Kite: Switchblade 14
Wind: 20 knots, SE
Location: St Kilda
Time: 4:30 to 6:00

The Predictwind forecast indicated a good southerly sea breeze would come at around 4:00.   Stuart and I headed for St Kilda and arrived about that time.  There was some wind past the breakwater but not much behind it in the takeoff area.  After about 20 minutes the breeze picked up so we headed out.

The wind was south-east so it was much better past the breakwater.  After a couple of tacks we both headed across on a long tack to Williamstown, a tour we have been considering for some time.   We crossed the main shipping channel behind a good distance behind a big ship heading for the docks, and reached the point at Williamstown.  Its a desolate spot  - no public access is allowed there.  There were lots of Blue Blubber Jellyfish in the water.

After some short tacks we headed back upwind towards St Kilda and continued until we reached the entrance of St Kilda marina, then headed back, doing a few jumps along the way.  

A great adventure.  We were both tired but very happy on our return.

Heading across to WillIiamstown

Turing around at Willamstown

Returning from Willamstown (in the background)

Peter (foreground) and Stuart (background)


Sweet flat water behind the breakwater at St Kilda

On the beach

St Kilda beach

Turning off the camera, and tired!


Anonymous said...

love the photos
looks like you have a good crew to kite surf with out there.

Boris T said...

Great pics that looks like quite a crossing across the bay.