Saturday, February 18, 2012

Cruising in 15 knots on the Sector 60 - stoked!

Session 169 - 18 February 2012

Late in the afternoon a 15 knot southerly came in so I headed for Hampton.  There were about 5 pole dancers (windsurfers) out but no kites, and a few people on the beach.

I pumped up my Noise 12m and got out quickly on my Sector 60 board.

What a blast!  Only 15 knots yet with my 12m kite the board was zinging along and going upwind like a demon!  This board can really extend the wind range you can kite in. Its incredible to fly upwind in a wind strength you would otherwise struggle in.

It was going so well I even had to sheet the bar out a bit!

Gybes were harder though as the board slows down more. I was also conscious of not crashing the kite.  Two tacks took me to the breakwater, then a couple more took me out further, then the wind dropped a lot.  I powered up and raced downwind, with speed of the kite creating enough apparent wind to keep me going fast.

On the final downwind tack to shore the wind dropped further. I only just made it in with the kite landing gently on the beach.

It was really nice to have a solo session out into the setting sun.  The water was warm and clear, it was peaceful and quiet and the session was nice.  Life is good.

It seemed like an eternity since I last kitesurfed.  Later or Sunday a sea breeze stronger than the forecast came in. It was south east so I headed for Mentone.

It was overcast, and remembering that I got cold during my last session, I donned my 3/2 wetsuit, even thought it is still summer.

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