Saturday, March 31, 2012

Kitesurfing at Hampton on the surfboard again

Session 177 - 24 March 2012

Inspired by Rod and Franz after our fantastic session in the surf at Inverloch last weekend, I had a great session on my directional board - the Cabrinha S-Quad - at Hampton this afternoon.

A welcome southerly change arrived mid-afternoon, I got on the water at about 3:40.  Using the S-Quad was surprisingly easy.  All the kitesurfing I have been doing on the Sector 60 has really improved my feel for a directional board.  I was riding heel side and toe side easily on my natural stance.  

My toe-side riding has improved in particular.  Positioning my rear foot a bit forward and towards the edge of the board improves balance and allows you to put more pressure on the edge.  Leaning right out to touch the water (its a long way away!) also improves body angle and stance.  

I boosted some big jumps, but stacked a couple too with the kite heading right back across the wind window. 

I attempted one gybe and didn't quite make it.

Another kiter crashed his kite and lost his board.  I got to it and picked it up going past but couldn't control my kite to keep going.  Then I tried to hold it above my arms but this didn't work either.  In the end I left it and he retrieved it from the beach.  More practice required on board retrieval technique.

After 1.5 hours I was spent and my hands were a bit numb, even though the water was fairly warm.  Overall, a really nice session.


kitesurfing tarifa said...

my friend told me the only way to pick up a board safely is to stop and put it across your knees. then hold the board with your elbows until you get riding. once you have speed its fairly easy to change position and hold the board in one hand. best way is always to be lucky and pick it up on the move!

Peter Campbell said...

Thanks for the tips. I got the board across my knees, but couldn't hang on to it once I did a water start and got going.

I will try using my elbows, and practice the "pickup while moving" technique.