Saturday, February 09, 2013

Nice surf break on the island but not enough wind for kiting

Session 223. I met Franz, Tim and Wayne at a nice surf break for some kitesurfing.  There was not wind so we headed out for some surfing.  I used my mini mal and caught a couple of waves which was a real hoot.  Not very stylish surfing though!  While I can bodysurf and ride a waveski (goat boat) well, I haven't put enough time into surfing to progress.  Its the leaping to your feet on the board while going down the face of the wave bit that is a challenge.

It wasn't too crowded in the lineup and its a nice location.  I swapped boards with Tim then paddled in his toothpick.  

Surfing is hard!  Lots of paddling and hard work for the arms, shoulders and neck.

The wind had picked up a little so I took my kite down to the water, launched it and headed out.  Not quite enough wind. I got out past the waves, then came back in away from the break and the surfers.  I had a good run back out, but was very wary of dropping the kite out the back.  

Coming back in I decided to head for the beach downwind and got there without any dramas. 

A nice spot, but we needed more wind on this occasion.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Peter,

Sounds like fun!

Where exactly in Philippe island did you guys go?