Saturday, August 10, 2013

Early morning start for Rosebud kitesurfing

Session 239.  It was an early start to get the predicted wind.  After the longish drive to Rosebud I arrived to find Stuart and Tarren already on the beach gazing out at flat water with about 10 knots of wind.  Stuart took my Sector 60 board out and got going with some speed.  There were only a couple of other kiters out in the light wind conditions.

The 200m shallow sandbars make it difficult for the Sector 60 however - great caution is required to avoid plowing the fins into the sand.

I thought I had left my bar behind so I took out Tarren's Ozone Edge 11m kite.  It flies and turns well and has plenty of power, so much so I depowered it when I came back in.  The single cord depower with a cleat above the bar works quite well.  It is very simple and doesn't jam up.  I later realised that the bar was in with my 9m kite.  Doh!  I was feeling vague most of the day.

I had a go on Stuarts Carbrinha 10m Switchblade and his twin tip.  I am getting rusty on twin tip boards and the kite was choking and back stalling with the bar right in, so I did one run out and back then called it a day.  The wind never really got above about 15 knots - nowhere near the forecast 25+ knots.

Stuart and Tarren both had a good time polishing some flat water tricks.

Tarren styling it.  Photo: Stuart Webb

Peter in bunny suit onesie, living large.  Photo: Stuart Webb

I wore my drysuit which performed well under the conditions, but I got a bit too hot with the bunny suit on under it.

It was nice to be out and about though.  

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