Sunday, August 11, 2013

Kitesurfing at Frankston great wind nice waves

Session 240.  The wind picked up during the morning so I headed down to Frankston.  Franz was there when I arrived and having a great time.  I took out my Lithium 12 and S-Quad and was immediately loving it.  Fresh water, sun and good wind!  The swell was rolling in quite nicely too, creating small surf closer to the beach.  James came down a short while later and one other kiter showed up.  That was it - 4 kiters for the large expanse of beach and plenty of wind to go around.

I was concentrating on speeding up my feet switching during gybes, aiming to eliminate any pause in the middle.  The surf was great and I did a few nice jumps too.  

My left elbow still has some residual Tennis Elbow symptoms but it held up OK without the pressure brace today.

This was a really good session - some of the best winter conditions you can get.  I was able to shake off yesterday's torpor and have a hooting good time.  We all had a ball.


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