Saturday, March 07, 2015

Kitesurfing Aspendale with big kite in 15 knots

Session 326. The forecast looked a bit iffy but around 15 knots came in later in the morning. I met Stuart and Tarren at Gnotuk Ave, they had gone downwind a bit and were walking up the beach.

At last!  Good conditions to try out my Ocean Rodeo Flite 14.5 on the water.

It was great.  Good power, but not too much,  I was able to get some good speed, go upwind without difficulty, surf some waves and do some backrolls and kiteloops.

The kite is predictable, stable and turns well for its size.  I did several back rolls and landed a few.  I noticed on a couple the kite ended up pointing in the opposite direction so I must be pulling on the rear of the bar to turn it.

I did some backroll kiteloops too and landed one very nicely.  Its easy to tell when you have done one, the lines are not twisted when you finish.

I find its not good to think about doing the backroll too much. Its best to commit, launch off a kicker and throw your head into the rotation.  Now that I am doing them I need to reverse engineer what is going on to fine tune the manoeuvre.f

I crashed the kite a couple of times and relaunched it with easy.  Then I crashed and jellyfished it (on its back) but got it relaunched, with Tarren assisting by bring my board closer.  The Flite 14.5 is easy to relaunch.

Stuart had a go on my Sector 60 to go better upwind. I had a couple of runs on it to finish too when the wind dropped out.

Overall verdict on the Ocean Rodeo Flite 14.5: Recommended.  Turns well, goes upwind well, and is very stable to fly.  

We had a good coffee and lunch at the Peppercorn Cafe in Mordialloc, a favourite after kiting stop for me.


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