Friday, March 06, 2015

Kitesurfing dawn patrol at St Kilda

Session 325. We got to St Kilda just before 7am and the forecast wind was there!  It was a bit over 20 knots so I pumped up as the sun was rising with the big ship at Princess Pier lit up in the distance.

It was great on the water, we had it all to ourselves, which is remarkable when you consider how many hundred kiters can be out at the same place in a warm summer sea breeze.

I was going well on my Lithium 9 and the Nugget in the small surf and did one tack out past the sea wall, then back around inside it.  The others headed into the kiddies pond. I threaded through the yachts to then decided the wind was too soft so I headed back out to the surf.

I did a few backrolls, but now I seem to backloop the kite at the same time without even trying too.  I land well powered but it feels good.  I have got to suss out what is going on, maybe I am pulling back with my rear hand to do the loop without really trying to.

The wind backed off a bit after 40 minutes so I headed in, leaving Stuart, James and Tarren at it.  Parked the car in South Melbourne then cycled to work on my folding bike.  A great way to start the day!


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