Sunday, March 22, 2015

Kitesurfing very light wind Andersons Inlet

Session 329.   No wind in the morning so we headed for the Inverloch surf beach where a good swell was rolling in.  I inflated both SUPs - the Starboard 8' and the Naish Nalu 11'.  The Nalu is much easier to paddle but it doesn't turn so well on a wave. Catching waves is tricky - getting the balance forward then back is difficult.

After lunch, there was very light wind in the afternoon so I thought I would try the Flite 14.5 and the Sector 60.  Getting started was tricky but once going the apparent wind was good so I could cruise.  I kited down past the jetty, wondering if I could make it back.

I spotted a beach that I could land at, then turned around.  Surprisingly, I was able to stay upwind but when I reached the pier the wind dropped right out.  I did a self rescue, winding in the lines and swimming to the narrow beach with the current slowly taking me out.

I made it to shore and was greeted by Stuart and Mike who had driven down to pick me up.  Great valet service!

I estimate the wind was around 8 knots while it lasted, so this is now my best light wind combo.  The Sector 60 is easy to handle with the Flite.

I pumped the kite up again back at the Angling Club beach to dry it out and wait for better wind - which came in for the next session.


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