Saturday, March 21, 2015

Great powered up kitesurfing session Andersons Inlet

Session 328.  When the picked up around 4 p.m, I swapped to the Flite 14.5 and the Nugget for a really good session. Well powered, but really easy to stay upwind.  The kite turns really well and delivers good power but not too much.  It has really good de-power range too.

I did several backrolls, some with kite loops, and landed most of them. I am really enjoying these as they add to the challenge.  I must be pulling on the back hand to get the backloop, so now I need to try pulling more on the front hand.  Landing a back roll kiteloop is a lot of fun.

Everyone was whizzing around, the travails of earlier light wind forgotten.  Trent was down with a large crew from SHQ too but there was plenty of room for us all.

We were all really pumped at the end of the day. The counter tea at the pub went down really well afterwards.


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