Saturday, March 21, 2015

Inverloch Andersons Inlet light wind kitesurfing with the Zero

Session 327. Another kitesurfing weekend with the crew, yeah!  The dodgy forecast earlier in the week improved closer to Friday to our relief.  We headed down to Inverloch early on Saturday morning with our usual stop at the excellent Kilcunda General Store cafe.

There was some very light wind around noon so I decided to give the Zero another go while the others pumped up my Flite 14.5 as well.  I got going o.k, just, but found the now familiar problem of staying upwind, even on the trusty Nugget.

In light winds working really hard I can just hold ground.  If the wind gets stronger you have too much power and get pulled off your edge downwind.  Its hard to slow down to. Coming into the beach I misjudged the distance and the time needed to slow the kite, came in a bit hot and leaped to the shore. I managed to scratch the top of my foot on something and got it a bit bruised.  Not enough to stop me kiting though.

There were a few kites down in the patchy wind so I landed the Zero and pumped up my new Naish Nalu inflatable SUP and headed out to assist.  Stu Styles was floating and drifting up into the inlet with the strong tidal current.  I got to him and pulled him to the nearby sandbar.

Meanwhile Eric was taking ages to relaunch the Flite from a sandbar but just as I got to him he relaunched and was on his way.


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