Saturday, February 27, 2016

Brighton sea breeze delivers again

Session 364. Once again the sea breeze later in the day was stronger than forecast. Dan, Mike and I had a sweet session at Brighton.  I decided to use my Nugget rather than the foil board due to limited time.  There were a few folks out with the foil boards, including Natalie Clarke.

Foil board
The Union 10 handled the lightish wind (15 knots) well but there wasn't enough wind for many jumps or tricks.  I snuck close to some of the foil boarders to get some photos.

Dan and Mike took out the Union 10 for a quick test run at the end of the session, they both liked it.

Now I am hanging out for 30+ knots so I can have ago with the Union 8!

Chasing the Water Police

Dan trying the Union 10
Mike trying the Union 10
Mike trying the Union 10


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