Friday, February 05, 2016

Fast runs kitesurfing gusty south easterly at Mentone

Session 359. Scored a strong late afternoon south easterly at Mentone with Stu Styles. The wind was very punchy about 200m out.  Some jumps were quite high.  One attempted back roll went pear shaped with a big stack.

The runs back in were really fast.  I almost beat my PB speed, clocking a maximum of 48.5 km/h.  There were a few other kites and some windsurfers out too.

My newly repaired Lithium 9 performed very well (thanks Ivan) and was ideal for the conditions.

Close to shore the wind dropped out a bit but I got yanked by some gusts downwind a couple of times.  Good fun, but some concentration was required to handle the gusts.


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